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Danny Gonzalez Art show: A Review

I thought I knew where I was going.  I didn’t.  I wandered with some friends up and down 3rd Street.  I ran into a buddy wandering up and down 3rd Street too.  We looked some more, we googled, we map quested, called heads, texted heads and finally got there.

For those who have not been able to see Danny’s work, I would describe it as ultra vivid and precise.  I’ve known Danny for many years and the first time I ever saw any artwork he created was a pencil drawing of his beloved Pomeranian Ginger.  This drawing was incredibly detailed and was very intensely lit.  The focus on light that the little drawing exhibited is heavily present in his color painting work.  His images are a combination of drops of color coalescing with heavy swatches of darks to create images that grab the eye immediately, seriously.

The show consisted of a mix of new and older work.  Much of the work can be seen at his website dgvisions.com.  The new work consisted of collaborations between Danny, Shepard Fairey (Obey), Chad Muska, David Flores and Chris Dune Pastras.  Danny painted portraits of all four artists and then gave them the portraits for them to finish however they saw fit.  The resulting images were at once cohesive and dissonant.  It was interesting to see the different directions the collaborating artists took the paintings in.

Get to Suede Gallery to see it all for your self.  Well worth it.


Also, we got some time to interview Danny and here is what he said;

GOSK8: Please give us a brief bio, where you came from and where you are today?

DG: Originally from Texas I moved out to California to pursue Professional skateboarding. I am now retired from that. Today I find myself needing to have some form of creative outlet; painting.

GOSK8: When did you first realize that you wanted to be an artist?

DG: I was 8 or 9 when I realized I took to art pretty easily, maybe 7th grade.

GOSK8: Could you tell us about some of your work?

DG: Mainly my work is Painting portraits of people who I find interesting.

GOSK8: What are you preferred materials to work with?

DG: Acrylic on Canvas

GOSK8: What inspires you?

DG: For the most part who ever I am today is because how I was brought up as kid. Because of that my perception is unique to me, you know.

GOSK8: What influences your work?

DG: My influences are people who are different and willing to take chances.

GOSK8: How do you describe your style?

DG: Restricted, Confined, Beautiful

GOSK8: What is your approach to design?

DG:  Interpol said it best. “I’m a slave to the details.”

GOSK8: Where do you see your work in 10 years?

DG: Evolving, Growing!

GOSK8: Lastly, any words of advice for aspiring designers/artists?

DG: No not really…actually, yeah! Don’t waste any ones time with shitty work that you call “ART”. If your gunna do it, think through.

-Victoria Chapman & Tom Villa


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